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Intuitive Tarot Readings

Tarot readings provide a mirror that reflects the story of our lives, giving us a chance to see our situation differently and feel our intuition. 

As a meaning-making system, tarot speaks through archetypes so we can understand where we're at in life's journey. By interpreting the images and symbols on the cards, we can gain deeper insight into our lives and discover how we can make the most of the situation we find ourselves in.

  • Seeking guidance and clarity on life's big questions and decisions

  • Looking for a safe and non-judgmental space to explore your thoughts and feelings

  • Ready to embrace ease, softness and imperfection in your life 

  • Wanting to connect more deeply with your intuition and inner wisdom

  • Tired of compromising with ways of being that aren't designed to work for you

  • Started a self-healing journey that's starting to look more like a self-reclamation story

  • Highly sensitive with a knack for picking up on minute energetics 

  • Interested in exploring new possibilities for personal growth & transformation

  • Creative, intuitive & super smart! 

If You're Here, You're Probably...​

If so, then you're in the right place! I'm Leah 👋 and I offer intuitive tarot readings curated to empower you while helping you feel confident in yourself, your inner voice, and your path.

What is an Intuitive Tarot Reading?

A one-on-one, private tarot reading spiced up with psychic information that comes through my intuitive gifts - feeling, seeing, and understanding energy. 

Every tarot reader has a unique way of interpreting cards. My style combines the structure of tarot and the flow of my intuitive gifts to thread together a reflective story of where you're at today. Readings with me are packed with down-to-earth guidance, enjoyable practices, and intuitive info that really makes an impact. 


During readings, you can get a feel for any circumstance or opportunity in your life, ask for insight on any relationship or situation, and affirm what's coming through your own intuition. 

I believe that each of us has the ability to tune into our intuition ~ we just need support & some reminders

Have you ever had a feeling that something was off, or received a nudge from your intuition that turned out to be just right? We all experience these moments, yet many of us are conditioned to ignore or doubt our gut feelings. In our fast-paced world, it's easy to lose touch with our inner voice and the insights it can provide.


That's why I created these tarot sessions, designed specifically for creative, intuitive folks like you. Through these sessions, you'll learn to tap into your intuition and gain valuable insights to help guide you on your path.

In an intuitive tarot reading, you will... 

🌼 Be in a completely secure, confidential and private space - Nothing discussed during your reading will be shared with anyone else. You are free to share as much or as little as you'd like, and this is always a safe space for your feelings, values and vision. 

🌼 Gain clarity about where you are in life - Tarot helps us understand what's been coming through our own intuition, helping to connect the dots and make sense of our experiences. 

🌼 Improve your natural ability to embrace the unknown -  Together, we'll explore the unknown with curiosity, honesty and encouragement. You'll gain new understandings of the world around you and expand your perspective to see things in a new light.

🌼 Learn how you can support your own unique gifts - Discover how you can nurture your innate talents and tap into your personal intuitive abilities. Every person has unique passions & skills and I'm here to help support them so that you can share your abilities with the world. 

🌼 Leave with practical steps to integrate the guidance - By the end of your reading, you'll understand how to implement the guidance provided and have actionable steps that help you achieve your goals. 

My intention is to offer readings that are relevant to your real life & deeply meaningful to you. I hope to inspire you to embrace your unique talents, passions & imperfections that make you the cool person you are. Together, we'll work to uncover the insights you need to navigate life's challenges and pursue your most fulfilling path.


Readings & Pricing

Here are my current reading options ✨ 

All readings are private, safe spaces designed to support your best version of happiness. If you’re unsure which reading is for you, please email

In-Depth Reading

Our freeform playroom. This reading is led by the questions you'd like clarity on and the intuitive messages that arise. Perfect for when you want to dive deep or explore many areas. 

$88 - 40 minute private tarot reading

Mini Reading

Mini readings are pre-recorded and emailed directly to your inbox. This is the perfect option for you if you have a quick question, a tight schedule, or want to get a taste before booking a full sess. 

$33 - 10 minute reading

$44 - 20 minute reading

I am committed to making divination and healing accessible with a priority to Queer/Trans, BIPOC, and sex workers. Please click here for information about sliding scale readings and sessions. 

5% of all tarot-related proceeds benefit the European Roma Rights CentreGiuvlipen


Hello! 👋 I'm Leah, 

a professional intuitive & tarot reader. I believe that every person is innately intuitive and we can all connect with the universe to gain insight in unique ways. As with any skill, intuition can be practiced and used to support our lives. 

I started reading tarot in 2018 in hopes of better understanding myself and the new directions I felt called to. As a life-long writer and storyteller, the symbolism & archetypes spoke a language I felt I already knew. 

Tarot helped me put words to what I was experiencing and soon became a skill I could share with others. I read for hundreds of other seekers, skeptics, and intuitives until I officially launched my own business in July 2020. 

Since then, I have channeled countless readings and developed my own craft and style. Read more about my story below ✨

Click here to read my boundaries, terms & conditions as a tarot reader. 

An intuitive tarot reading is for you if you...

✨ Want to explore what's been on your mind and coming through your intuition 

✨ Want to unpack a life circumstance to understand what's going on & why it came up 

 Are interested in exploring the spiritual aspects of life & how they relate to your

      personal evolution

✨ Feel unsure about your next steps or direction

 Are looking to tap into your creativity, inspiration and inner wisdom

✨ Want to tease out the energetics between multiple choices to confidently make a decision

✨ Want clarity about anything in life from relationships to moving, career or fulfillment 

✨ Believe that readings should be fun, exciting & packed with laughter 

Hear What Clients Are Saying...

"I loved my reading with Leah! She radiates this amazing kind and caring energy. The reading was amazing, and she gave me clarity in friendships and future relationships, it was like talking to my older sister or a closer friend." - Gabby

“I had such an amazing reading with Leah, as always. I always feel so comforted and even when the message feels big…she delivers it with such care/ease. Please gift yourself a reading because it has been one of the best tarot experiences I’ve had as a client. Thank you!” - Morgan

"I've now found my go-to tarot reader! Leah did the most incredible reading for me which was so aligned and spot-on it was like she was in my head! I feel so self-assured & empowered going onwards! Having experienced trauma, Leah made the reading space so safe and I felt so able to trust and open up to receive her beautiful guidance." - Alexandra 

"Leah has an incredible gift. It's not about just knowing the meaning of each card. Her intuition is so strong and the reading was so accurate. It was like taking off the figurative blindfold that was blocking me from believing in myself and knowing who I am. Her words resonated so strongly that I could feel it in my core and I can still feel it as I remember the reading now, months later. Everything she said has proven to be true countless times since and my life positively transformed in such a short amount of time following the reading. She inspired me to stop living so small and to know my worth. It was so motivating, exciting, and freeing. I will undoubtedly be returning to Leah for more readings!" - Mackenzie 

"My reading with Leah validated my inner knowing, giving me the confidence to take my next steps. She interprets the cards in such a practical & informative way and is super willing to answer any questions you may have. I would recommend a reading with this magnificent lady any day!" - Bijou

"I really enjoyed meeting with Leah. Just as a person she is warm, patient, curious, and fun. Her reading was spot on and she added in thoughtful personal experiences that made it more relatable and peer-like. I also had the opportunity to get a reading in her IG live and observe a good friend's reading and Leah was fun, warm, clearly connected to Spirit, and incredibly generous in emotion, spirit, and time" - Deana 

"Leah is amazing. I met her through a friend and since then she became a friend of mine. She never judges you on your questions and she makes everything very open, comfortable, & clear. Everything she says to you is confidential and to me, that is extremely important. I trust Leah with any questions I have. It’s tough to find people like her, truly. & If you do not understand something, she will go in-depth to make sure you do. She has your back & only wants the best for you always. Her energy is contagious!"   - Michelle 

"I found the reading accurate and insightful & confirmed a lot of things that are happening in my spiritual journey. It was great to receive guidance & confirmation that I am on the right path. Overall the reading was detailed and specific to the question I asked, provided guidance on what’s working, what needs work, and the next steps." - Nimesh

Intuitive tarot readings are rooted in grounded advice

I won't tell you to quit your job and book a one-way flight to Bali (unless that's what you really want, of course). Instead, readings with me aim to empower you to cultivate small, achievable opportunities for personal growth.

I recognize that no solution is truly "one-size-fits-all" because we all have different needs, values, traditions and resources. That's why each reading is tailored specifically for you.

I believe that by tapping into the rich complexities of who we are, we can solve the evolving problems we face while still feeling like...well, ourselves. 

But are also, like... fun 

While we wade through some deep waters at times, readings with me are always fun and packed with laughter. I believe that every person deserves access to a safe space for healing, so while we're here, why not make it fun? 

Okay, I'm in! How do I book a reading?


first, click the “book now” button below and choose a reading, day & time that works for you


then, pay and check your email for your appointment confirmation. this will include an automatically generated Zoom call link and info to know before our session 


on the scheduled date and time of your reading, open up the email & click on the link to join the zoom call

Untitled design (15).png


I will join the call & we will start the reading!   

kind words from clients 💞 

"Any communication from Leah is like a huge hug. She brings so much excitement and true love to all of her readings." - Deana

"Thank you soooo much, seriously it all resonated and makes so much sense, puts a lot into perspective and confirms a lot of the intuitive feelings I've been having!

I love your style of reading and I'm definitely going to book another one!" - Emma

"The guidance that Leah was able to channel from my guides & draw from the cards really helped to affirm the approaches I already felt coming through my own intuition. It was lovely reassurance with a little spark of unexpected that planted some seeds (ideas) for me to continue watering!" - Paige

"One of the only Tarot readers I trust! I have done multiple readings with her and they all are very helpful!" - Lilyann

“Was so amazed with my 20 minute mini reading! Leah was on time, kind and even answered a few follow up questions I had for her. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for some clarity on their path & want to know what the cards reveal.”

What if I want to book a pre-recorded session? 


mini readings are recorded during the appointment time you select and sent via email once complete. click "book now" and choose a time that works for you


type the questions you'd like clarity on in the box provided on your appointment form


pay and you'll receive a confirmation email for your appointment


Untitled design (32).png
Untitled design (33).png

once your appointment is complete, open up your email & review the files to receive your reading. you can keep your recording forever and listen back anytime you need

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an intuitive tarot reading? 

Intuitive tarot readings are grounded in two distinct practices - tarot and intuition. Tarot is a divination practice that uses a set of cards and their specific archetypes to interpret meaning. This is rather fixed, and like reading a map. 

Intuition is the inner voice. This is fluid, unpredictable, and like your gut telling you which path to take. When I combine divination with intuition, an intricate and often profound narrative flows. 

Can you predict the future?

How can I best prepare for my reading? 

What if I'm not sure what questions to ask? 

Are you a "trauma-informed" practitioner?

I can read into potential timelines, but the way that things turn out is ultimately up to you. In my practice, I believe we are constantly shaping the future. That's why readings with me focus on the present and what you can do right now to experience more ease and maximize where you're at. 

You can prepare the questions or topics you'd like guidance on and come with an open mind! You can also bring a recording device if you'd like to refer back to the session later on. 

No worries! You can come with an open mind or a simple intention to hear what you need to know most right now. You can also come with a category of life in mind, like moving or changing jobs. I'll absolutely meet you where you're at! 

I have experienced trauma and worked with people with trauma, however, that does not mean I am trauma-informed. I help people connect with their unique version of success, but consider I may not be the practitioner you are looking for.  

What if I'm allergic to Zoom? 

I totally feel you. If a video call sounds like a nightmare or provides an accessibility issue, I can accommodate you. Please email me at for phone or pre-recorded session options. 

I just booked a mini reading, how soon will I receive it? 

The appointment time you chose when booking is the time slot in my calendar when your reading will be channeled. I'll record your mini reading and send it at the end of your appointment. Please allow up to 20 minutes after your reading for delivery. Thank you! 

Don't see the answer to a question you have? 

Email for more information. Thank you! 

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