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Tarot readings provide a mirror that reflects the story of our lives, giving us a chance to see our situation differently and feel our intuition🪞✨ 

Asa meaning-making system, tarot speaks through archetypes so we can understand where we're at in life's journey and how we can make the most of it. 

grounded and empowering

Intuitive Tarot Readings

what is an intuitive tarot reading?

A one-on-one, private tarot reading spiced up with psychic information that comes through my intuitive gifts - feeling, seeing, and innately understanding energy. 

Every tarot reader has a unique way of interpreting cards. My style combines the structure of tarot and the flow of my intuitive gifts to thread together the story of where you're at today. Readings with me are informative, uplifting, and fun. With humor and compassion, I share practical steps you can take to maximize where you're at. 


During readings, you can get a feel for any circumstance or opportunity in your life, ask for insight on any relationship or situation, and affirm what's coming through your own intuition. 

"I've now found my go-to tarot reader!

Leah did the most incredible reading for me which was so aligned and spot-on it was like she was in my head! I feel so self-assured & empowered going onwards! Having experienced trauma, Leah made the reading space so safe and I felt so able to trust and open up to receive her beautiful guidance."


an intuitive tarot reading is for you if...

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➡️  you feel unsure about your next steps or direction

➡️  you want clarity about anything in your life from relationships to moving, career, or fulfillment

➡️  you want to unpack any circumstance in your life to understand what's going on & why it came up 

➡️  you want to reconnect with your soul & intuition 

➡️  you want to tease out the energetics between two or more choices to confidently make a decision

Intuitive readings can help you adapt to life's changes by giving you the opportunity to reflect on what path is best for you and your unique values, passions, and dreams. 


Sessions provide a space where you can celebrate how far you've come, explore what's on your mind, and get in touch with what's in your heart. 

hear what people are saying

Leah has an incredible gift. It's not about just knowing the meaning of each card. Her intuition is so strong and the reading was so accurate. It was like taking off the figurative blindfold that was blocking me from believing in myself and knowing who I am. Her words resonated so strongly that I could feel it in my core and I can still feel it as I remember the reading now, months later. Everything she said has proven to be true countless times since and my life positively transformed in such a short amount of time following the reading. She inspired me to stop living so small and to know my worth. It was so motivating, exciting, and freeing. I will undoubtedly be returning to Leah for more readings! 



Readings & Pricing

Trust your gut in choosing from the reading options below. All readings are private, safe spaces designed to support your happiness & sovereigntyIf you’re still unsure which reading is for you please email


For friendships, love, and anything in-between. Book this reading if you'd like clarity about your relationships in life and how best to navigate them. Includes a 30-minute intuitive tarot reading & high-quality image of the spread. 



For money, security, & all forms of abundance. You'll leave this reading with a deeper understanding of your relationship to money, the energetic underpinnings of your financial flow, & practical steps you can take to nurture your bank account. Includes a 30-minute intuitive tarot reading and high-quality image. 



This reading is here to reflect your unique talents & contributions to the world. Whether you're looking to build on your success or forge a new path in your career, this reading can help you wade through the energetics. Includes a 30-minute intuitive tarot reading & high-quality image. 



For navigating decisions, big changes, and new directions. This reading will provide a mirror for you to understand where you stand today and what your soul is nudging you to experience. Includes a 30-minute intuitive tarot reading and high-quality image. 



This reading is all about how you can bring more satisfaction and joy into your everyday life. We'll feel through what you sense is missing, how you can make the most of it right now, and your natural talents and intuitive abilities that want to be expressedIncludes a 30-minute intuitive tarot reading & high-quality image of the spread. 



Our freeform playroom. This reading is led entirely by the specific questions you'd like clarity on. Perfect for regular check-ins and moments you just know exactly what you want. 


Mini readings include a high-quality image of the spread and a pre-recorded reading up to 15 minutes. Get the same thing but twice as in-depth with a 30-minute reading. 

$75 for mini 

$125 for 30 minutes 

I am committed to making healing accessible with a priority to Queer/Trans, BIPOC, and sex workers. Please email me at to access sliding scale readings and sessions. 

5% of all tarot-related proceeds benefit the European Roma Rights CentreGiuvlipen


Hi! I'm Leah, 

a professional intuitive & tarot reader. I believe every person is innately intuitive - in other words, we can all connect with the universe and gain insight in unique ways. As with any skill, it can be practiced and used to support our lives. 

I started reading tarot in 2018 in hopes of better understanding myself and the new directions I felt called to. As a life-long writer and storyteller, the symbolism & archetypes spoke a language I felt I already knew. 

Tarot helped me put words to what I was experiencing and soon became a skill that I could share with others. I read for hundreds of other seekers, skeptics, and intuitives until I officially launched my own business in July of 2020. 

Since then, I have channeled countless readings and developed my own craft and style. Read more about my story below ✨

Click here to read my boundaries, terms & conditions as a tarot reader. 

"I found the reading accurate and insightful & confirmed a lot of things that are happening in my spiritual journey. It was great to receive guidance & confirmation that I am on the right path. Overall the reading was detailed and specific to the question I asked, provided guidance on what’s working, what needs work, and the next steps."


in an intuitive reading, you will...

be in a completely confidential, safe space 

get clarity about where you are in life 

learn how you can support your own unique gifts 

leave with grounded, practical steps to integrate the guidance

Okay, I'm in! How do I book a reading?


first, click the “book now” button below and choose a reading, day & time that works for you


then, pay and check your email for your appointment confirmation. this will include an automatically generated zoom call link and info to know before our session 


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on the scheduled date and time of your reading, open up the email & click on the link to join the zoom call


I will join the call & the reading will begin! 

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