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On Jumping In: A Collective Reading

Welcome back, friends.

This year, our ways of seeing and planning have been tested by numerous challenges and changes. Following the cascade of lessons this year holds, now comes the moment to pull our evolved understandings together and make a new way forward. 

Moving into the unprecedented, we may expect all of our loved ones to rally behind us. It may be disappointing, but it’s likely they will not all eagerly rush to your launch as hoped. 

This will be the moment to remember a few truths about ideas themselves and your worth as you experiment with these new ways.  

If you feel in your gut it’s the right decision or path for you, you don’t need everyone else to feel it too. 

You don’t need anyone else to understand you. 

You don’t need anyone else to validate you. 

You don’t need anyone else to tell you how special you & your idea is. 

This may feel like a narrowing, like honing in on a specific audience. Any limitation felt within this narrowing is illusionary. While you may lose some support from outliers along the way, your experimentive realizations will beckon those to you who resonate with your truth. (aka the type of people you want around)

The lesson here winks behind the page of swords, a card that at times can glaze over practicalities and leave you in a stumbling sprint towards innovation. It may feel backward, but this blind leap between scrolling caution tape is precisely what is needed at this time. 

We can use a little of the naive nature of the page by asking ourselves the worst-case scenario.  By trying this new way of seeing or being, what can go wrong?

If the consequences of failure may be a bruised ego at best, the page suggests we may as well try it out. Buckle your fear in the backseat & tell it you’re taking the ride anyway.

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