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New Moon in Scorpio

This new moon in Scorpio today is all about getting out of our comfort zones.

You may find some complex matters on your mind. He said she said aside, this week we're thinking about how we can release shame and live in a better relationship with betterment itself.

Many of us are transforming, even in little ways, how we approach our own healing. Maybe you've noticed some old psychology lingo or spiritual practice that just isn't feeling right anymore. It feels like a healthy separation - like from this shedding process we gain clarity on where we stand in a way that gives us strength.

Old beliefs, systems, clutter, and practices that don't feel good anymore are asking to be seen out 🗑 You may naturally feel pulled to clean out your car, your digital space anywhere from your inbox to your photos, your finances, or especially your systems of belief.

Scorpio transits can help us to see where we may be engaging in self-destructive behaviors. Addictive, codependent, or self-sabotaging behaviors may have reared their head this week. Sometimes, we can forget that there are layers to healing and that it's not only okay but exceedingly ordinary to revisit the same trauma response or coping mechanism again and again until a new habit is formed.

This is where self-compassion comes in. We're not built to be perfect and although we can say that until we're blue in the face, sometimes a reminder at the right time can help us catch when we're clinging on to the outcome, or constantly moving the goal-post.

Besides, there really is no endpoint to our healing. We seek wholeness, but through trying to become more and better and fixed and healed, we can forget that we came here whole already.

If you experience some anxiety this week, one of my best tried & true tools is to focus on something tangible to consciously redirect my thoughts. This could be touching the textures around me, focusing on a spot in the room, or honing in on the breath. When I can settle myself enough to get some conscious thoughts in there, I'll say something like "& yet still, I'm here with you. I'm never going to leave you. There is nothing too crazy you can think, or say, or do. You are a whole ass human, this was a hard day."

The alchemy of this time is in forgiveness. Radical self-acceptance can alleviate so much burden while we are letting go, getting real, and changing. Forgive yourself for what’s coming up & how you’ve coped thus far.

Here's a tarot spread to pair with this potent new moon. Feel free to use it with a tarot or oracle deck at home to answer any questions lingering about at this time.

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