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2024 Taurus Forecast ♉🐂

As we cascade into winter, we find ourselves in the graceful embrace of November, a time of introspection, reconnection & cozy contemplation 🍂🫖

The brisk air carries a sense of renewal and reflection, inviting us to dive into our inner selves and set new intentions for the year ahead. In this series, we'll dive into each astrology sign with tarot to take a closer look at what the stars may have in store ✨

You may resonate with this Taurus 2024 forecast if you have prominent Taurus energy in your birth chart. I recommend reading all the forecasts that correspond with your astrological "Big Three;" your sun, moon and rising sign, and any others you feel called to!

For celestial and diligent Taurus, 2024 is defined by meaningful connections, a sense of playfulness, and finding serenity in the everyday moments of life.

Your Theme of 2024 - Two of Cups

Your theme of 2024 is all about intimacy, cooperation and forming meaningful connections. There's also a special romantic flair to the Two of Cups, giving an extra sparkle in the air of romantic possibilities and heartwarming moments🌹💞

The Two of Cups symbolizes profound soul-level connections with others. While it often points to romantic partnerships, it can also mean forging new, more genuine connections of any kind. Throughout the year, you may find yourself forming meaningful bonds and nurturing profound friendships that shape your life.

This card is lesser-known as a card of alliances, partnerships and even business dealings. It can suggest forming partnerships with people or businesses to make money!

As you navigate 2024, keep an eye out for opportunities to collaborate and make meaningful connections in all aspects of your life! ⛲🤝

Bid farewell to the intense energy of The Devil that has been impacting our lives in 2023. The Devil card, although it sounds ominous, simply guides us back to ourselves when we give in to our human nature over serving the greater good or embodying higher dimensions of ourselves.

This year, you may have found yourself shedding the influence of false idols, materialistic goals, unhealthy coping mechanisms, addiction, or placing instant gratification > meaningful and long-lasting opportunities 🤷‍♀️

The Devil represents the temptations that lead us to indulge in the superficial and materialistic aspects of life and focus on physical sensations and pleasures, often at the expense of deeper pursuits like knowledge, understanding or love.

For us Taurans, this transition could mean letting go of certain habits that have tied us to excessive spending or over-indulging in relaxation and becoming one with the couch 🍿🛋️

In 2024, the path is set for us to continue our journey toward self-discovery and growth, free from the constraints of The Devil's influence.

The Seven of Swords invites us to engage with the everyday aspects of life and find beauty, spirituality and humor in even the most mundane moments. It's a call to infuse our days with playfulness, spontaneity and curiosity 🤸

As we step into 2024, let the energy of the Seven of Swords guide us to embrace the transformative power of open and honest communication while cherishing the spontaneity and playfulness that life has to offer 🦦💫

The Seven of Swords is also associated with writing, emphasizing the importance of communication and the power of our thoughts. It signifies transformation, a deepening of our spirituality, and the art of striking a harmonious balance between truth and reservation.

Meanwhile, the Seven of Pentacles encourages us to celebrate ourselves, schedule vacations and acknowledge our growth and accomplishments.

While the Seven of Pentacles is about devotion, dedication, and cultivation of one's work, it's also a nudge to not be so focused on work and enjoy life! Under the influence of this energy, you could hesitate before enjoying your accomplishments, when the Universe really wants you to go easy on yourself and celebrate 🥂

The thing is, we don't work for the reward. We're the rare birds who are genuinely engaged in the work itself. We LIKE expending our creative energy. Sue us.

However, keep in mind that the figure on the Seven of Pentacles is by themselves, with only the fruits of their labor for companionship, and even those they seem hesitant to enjoy!

You have the space and time to enjoy life, so you should do so!

Maybe it's time to add this Alan Cohen quote to your 2024 vision board: "Don't postpone joy until you have learned all of your lessons. Joy is your lesson." ✨🤸

2024 Spiritual Outlook - The King of Swords

The King of Swords reigns supreme in the realm of intellect and reason - definitely not something that seems to go hand in hand with spirituality and faith 💭🧠

Let's face it, you THRIVE in the world of logic and rationality. While this is one of your many gifts to the world, keep in mind that not everything you feel and experience can be explained by reason.

Spirituality is unfolding and complex, and human emotion can be complex as well. While you can offer a lot to others intellectually this year in your spirituality, the greatest service to yourself is to allow the unknown to exist in 2024.

Let your spirituality and faith excite you and ignite your curiosity this year. Stay open to the possibilities, especially the ones that are 30 degrees more magical than you imagine plausible.

The King of Swords also represents a leadership role, indicating that you could share your views about spirituality and faith this year, especially through this analytical or intellectual approach. Speak your truth while infusing openness and curiosity. Remember that so many endless mysteries of the Universe remain unknown, and that's pretty dang cool! 💫

Nurturing Your Well-being in 2024 - Six of Cups

As we step into the new year, the Six of Cups indicates that what we give is what we receive. Tune into your strong sense of luxury and create a nice bath for yourself, curate a special nest to watch a movie, or make yourself a nice dinner with all your favorite flavors 🛁😊

While we nurture this sense of luxury for ourselves, it can be just as rewarding to give that consideration to others. Treat your loved ones to your eye for comfort and beautiful, immersive experiences. Uplifting the people in your life with your custom oils, mix tapes, tea blends, artwork and home-cooked meals can bring prosperity and well-being to everyone.

With the nostalgic energy of the Six of Cups, this could also be an excellent year to work out with childhood friends or reconnect to childhood activities that once brought you outside or sparked your desire for movement 🛝🧸

2024 Career Insights - Page of Swords

Guided by the steadfast and determined energy of the Page of Swords, 2024 infuses your career path with a warrior-like energy that forges ahead and explores new ideas 🤺💡

As a royal card, the Page of Swords can also indicate someone else in your life who embodies the essence of this card. This character would be a young professional who is intellectual, level-headed, and quick-paced, impacting your career path by bringing about new opportunities and ways of thinking.

The Page of Swords can be a little quick to judge, reminding you to remain open and offer others the benefit of the doubt. In the world of career and collaboration, this openness can foster cooperation and innovation - ahem, enter the lessons of the Two of Cups, perhaps?

The youthful energy of the Page encourages you to maintain your sense of playfulness and curiosity. Experiment with new modalities of working and embrace innovative opportunities in your career with confidence! 👍🧪

With the Page of Swords as your guiding star, your career journey promises to be an exciting and dynamic adventure this year, full of potential for growth and evolution. When things don't go as planned, simply take note, adjust and keep going! Having an open mindset will take you far 🕊️🌟

Unlocking Your Love Life in 2024 - The Wisdom of The Hierophant

The Hierophant reminds us that it's safe to show our authentic selves in our relationships. When this tarot card appears in your love life, it's a call to speak your truth freely and invite those around you to do the same.

Celebrate the individuality of both yourself and your loved ones, and give extra affirmations this year that highlight what makes each person unique.

Plus, The Hierophant can offer clues about where you might find your Two of Cups lover. As the ruler of institutions and traditions, this card symbolizes the energy of a partner who could be a professor, preacher or leader 🔍

Let The Hierophant guide you towards love and authenticity this year. Embrace your true self, encourage your loved ones to do the same, and be open to the possibility of finding a partner who resonates with the energy of The Hierophant 💞

Your Relationships in 2024 - Embracing Wholeness with The World

In the world of tarot, the appearance of The World card is nothing short of a celebration. It signifies fulfillment, completion and triumph in all undertakings 🌎🏆

This card predicts success and even glory in the realm of relationships. It could point to a group of friends, cousins, or even a collective of individuals born under the cardinal signs.

The presence of The World is like a cosmic nod that you're about to embark on a journey of immense fulfillment within your social circles.

In 2024, your relationships are set to be an area of completion, where you'll feel satisfied. The World encourages you to embrace this moment and savor the successes and connections that bring your life to a state of wholeness 💞

Embrace Balance & Fulfillment in 2024 with the Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles embodies the spirit of balance, inviting you to explore the infinite possibilities that await in the new year.

Let's accept it, you're a master multi-tasker. It's nothing to be ashamed of, we're amazing generators who love putting our passions to the pavement.

This means you'll find satisfaction in balancing all the diverse areas of life, perhaps by doing multiple projects or even, having multiple part-time jobs rather than one full-time job. Or, like me, you could be both an entrepreneur and an employee 🤸 The Two of Pentacles suggests you may enjoy new hobbies, more social commitments on your calendar and keeping things afloat.

Our natural ambition and dedication give us joy and vitality. However, it's also crucial to recognize when we're stretching ourselves too thin, pushing the limits, or taking on more than we can comfortably manage.

In 2024, the path to fulfillment lies in managing the mundane while embracing your dynamic, passionate, multitasking self. It's a year to explore the exciting possibilities and savor the joys that come with it! 🗺️💫

The Page of Cups and the Three of Wands beckon with wisdom from the bottom of the deck, inviting you to rely on your intuition when making decisions and envision a future filled with growth and expansion.

The Page of Cups rules the psychic and dream realms, indicating we'll be deeply connected to ourselves and intuitive information. Stay open to messages coming through your senses and dreams and be positive about their manifestation with the Three of Wands.

In 2024, be open to the possibilities of travel and deepening your connection with yourself and your spirituality. Your journey is far from over, and the best is yet to come! 🔭

Taurus, embrace the year ahead with resilience, grace, and unwavering determination!

Extras for Taurus in 2024 ✨♉

Put on some 432 Hz frequency music on low as you sleep, do the dishes, read, or do your taxes. This frequency can promote calmness, balance, sleep and spiritual connection.

The free Retreat for Resilliant Babes activity on my site includes a very Tauran space-setting ritual, short guided meditation and extra resources.

Full disclosure, this clip starts right away with all gas and no brakes, but is an interesting listen from Louise Hay on mirror work, manifestation, and allowing the in-betweens of life to settle in peace.

Try these affirmations: I am open to meaningful connections and collaborations that enrich my life. I trust in my creative potential and allow it to flow freely. I am grateful for the connections I have, and I nurture them with love and kindness. I am grounded and present in the moment, finding joy in the little things. I will not sacrifice my health or well-being for the sake of productivity. I recognize that self-care is essential, and I practice it lovingly.

Taurus 2024 Reading List 📕✨

Have a joyous 2024! 🐂😊

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