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Retreat for Resilliant Babes

For the movers and shakers, openers, survivors, single parents, and people recovering from chronic trauma. 

In a world that's always pushing for better and more, we need spaces that allow us to just be

Healing and self-improvement can be a beautiful and dynamic process, but one that can pressure you to be constantly improving, shedding, and shifting.

For people who have overcome adversity or experienced chronic trauma, this dynamic can feel especially overwhelming and triggering. It's crucial to offer ourselves breaks and opportunities to soften on the path of healing.

Therefore, this space is here to celebrate the present moment and all you've already done and accomplished. Through intention, sacred space, and meditation, we'll practice finding peace in the in-between. 

try this ritual if....


you want to feel at peace with where you are today 

you're tired of constantly doing the work but feeling like you've never arrived 


you want to sit with compassion & acceptance


you feel burnt out & exhausted

get started right now ⤵️

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start here: ritual

White Bed

We can shift any practice into a ritual with proper care to our intention and process. 

Start by deciding on your intention for this short practice. Don't think too hard! Notice any specific words that come to mind or feelings you get in your body and run with them! You may choose to surrender to the present moment, celebrate yourself, or feel the loving support of the universe. 

Once you've decided, take some time to create your space with your intention in mind. As you light some candles or grab a drink, take a break from auto-pilot mode and challenge yourself to be fully in the process. 

Dimming the lights or adding in some crystals, incense, or essential oils can be deeply impactful. Grounding through your senses and space can help to relax your nervous system and prepare your mind to meditate. Take your time in getting relaxed and comfortable before moving on. 



With my fiery moon and high Generator energy, I totally understand how difficult it can be to relax the body and mind and fully receive the moment in meditation. 


That's why I lead into meditations slowly and use lots of prompts, affirmations and moments of quiet. My style of meditation is not for everyone! If you're needing something with fewer prompts, faster-paced or slower, I recommend you find a guide who works for you.

Focus on the vibration of my voice rather than trying to create the visualizations in your own mind. As you relax into my voice, you'll be able to receive what you need to experience. 

The guided meditation is 9 minutes long and can be accessed anytime. Feel free to revisit as needed. 

Thank you so much for participating in this practice!

I hope this offered you a little comfort, peace or clarity as you move forward to do more amazing things in life. I wish you a life filled with happiness, healing and beautiful experiences!

"We've all heard that the unexamined life is not worth living, but consider too that the unlived life is not worth examining"

- Julia Cameron

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