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2024 Leo Forecast ♌🦁

In blog this series, we're diving into each astrology sign to take a closer look at what the year ahead may have in store. In 2024, dynamic Leo thrives through meaningful connections, career success and the spirit of movement, cooperation and support ✨🚀

You may resonate with this Leo 2024 forecast if you have prominent Leo energy in your birth chart. I recommend reading all the forecasts that correspond with your astrological "Big Three;" your sun, moon and rising sign, and any others you feel called to!

Embracing Your Theme of 2024 - The Two of Wands

As the curtain rises on 2024, Leos find themselves stepping into a realm of promise where the overarching theme unfolds under the Two of Wands. Characterized by balance and success, this passionate card casts a benevolent influence over various aspects of life.

Associated with the fiery suit of wands, this card rules the fabric of our work, career, and even the realms of scientific and artistic pursuits ⚒️💼🔬🎨

The Two of Wands appears when we want to expand beyond our current limits and evolve, live more, give more, and expand the impact of our lives beyond familiar horizons.

Much like The Fool, the Two of Wands symbolizes the start of a transformative journey. Instead of the dramatic leap of faith with The Fool, Leos are embarking on a journey of development with foresight and planning. As the figure in the card holds a globe, consider your options, their short and long-term consequences, and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead before embarking on a chosen path.

As your ambition and greatness ascend to the forefront, this card nudges you to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace the uncharted territories that await!

The Two of Wands encourages you to dream bigger, reach higher and extend your impact beyond what you once thought was possible in 2024 ☁️✨

Leo signs are moving from the nurturing embrace of The Empress to the expansive realm of The World and strategic vibe of the Three of Wands. 2023 has been a year of self-discovery, nurturing connections and receiving divine knowledge.

The World marks the culmination of a significant cycle, symbolizing the completion of a spiritual journey but ALSO the integration of its lessons into your life. You'll carry this ethereal boss energy into the new year, radiating a sense of openness, stability and a rooted connection with the Earth 🌏💗

The Three of Wands brings the energy of cooperation and reflection to your career and business success. With all these early-stage wand cards, your spread for the year ahead is definitely reading success in new life journeys and business ventures.

While success is abundant and overflowing, it's the commitment to hard work and collaborative efforts that will truly propel you forward. So as you navigate 2024, remember that while your cup is brimming with the promise of blessed opportunities, it's truly your resilience, collaboration & dedication that will bring success.

Now, let's break this year-ahead reading down into some major life categories. Keep these insights in mind as you build your vision board & set new intentions for 2024 ⬇️⬇️⬇️

2024 Spiritual Outlook - The Six of Swords

The Six of Swords points towards a journey of reconciliation and solace within the depths of your spiritual connection. As we set sail into the year, there's a sense of moving towards calmer waters and integrating your spirituality into a haven of calm wellness practices and habits that create an inner sanctuary 🌊🙏

Embedded within the gentle ripples of the Six of Swords is the notion of shedding the old. Like the cyclical falling of the leaves, you may find yourself gracefully parting ways with outdated spiritual beliefs or practices that no longer serve your growth.

When this card appears, this transformation is positive and brings you greater stability, balance and calm. Meditation, mindful rituals or spending time in nature will help you feel more nourished and peaceful.

Under the influence of the Six of Swords, your spiritual connection can be a source of comfort and rejuvenation in 2024. Embrace the gentle pull to nurture your intuitive connection and release what's no longer necessary.

Your Physical Wellness in 2024 - The Sun

As the new year unfolds, The Sun brings a vibrant energy to your physical well-being. Prepare for an electrifying surge of vitality and enthusiasm as The Sun illuminates a path for you to radiate in the realm of physical activity and fitness 🤸‍♀️🌞🎾

Under the influence of The Sun's natural energy, consider taking your workout routines outdoors. Consider too that the sun is ruled by Leo - perhaps inviting you to soak up the essence of your sign and rejuvenate your body and spirit with the healing energy of the sun.

Beyond the physical benefits, The Sun encourages a holistic approach to wellness. It's not just about burning calories - it's about absorbing the positive energy around you and releasing good vibes yourself. Let your fitness journey be a celebration of movement this year, marked by practices that make you feel good and light you up from the inside out.

This year, your physical well-being isn't just a routine, it's an embodiment of freedom and happiness and a radiant celebration of the vitality within you 🌻💫🧘‍♀️

2024 Career Insights - Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups promises a year of well-rounded fulfillment in your life and career. Under the influence of this card, you may strike a better balance between all aspects of your life, feeling truly balanced in your home, family, social and career realms and beyond.

This card also can indicate that the fullness of other areas of life will spill over to your career, inviting you to spend time with your loved ones and try new experiences. These moments of connection and exploration will be incredibly enriching and may just spark new ideas and perspectives that breathe fresh energy into your career path.

The Ten of Cups indicates all-around success, where the richness of personal bonds intertwines with your professional path. Your career isn't just a sole venture but part of something bigger within your family or community this year. As you give your time, energy and resources back into those special connections, your success continues to unfold.

As you step into 2024 guided by the Ten of Cups, may your career path be illuminated by the radiant glow of balance, prosperity and the harmonious interplay of all aspects of life 🕊️

Romance in 2024 - King of Pentacles

The regal influence of the King of Pentacles foretells a year of prosperity and fulfillment in love. You could experience a sense of stability, abundance and overall prosperity in your romantic relationships 💞👑

You could even form a romantic relationship with someone who embodies the mature and generous energy of the King of Pentacles - someone who is determined, wealthy, professional, and maybe even an entrepreneur. Tuned into the energy of the Earth, they could even be a chef, herbologist or gardening type.

In the embrace of the King of Pentacles energy, anticipate a connection with someone who is not only independent and financially successful but also brings a sense of stability and determination to your love life. An earth sign, perhaps? 👀♉♍♑

This archetype is typically good with both money AND romance, offering you a special union marked by security and ambition. Honestly, what more can a Leo want? 😂🤩

Your Relationships in 2024 - Two of Cups

Interestingly, your friend and family relationships are most influenced by the Two of Cups this year, steering away from the traditional association with romantic love. This suggests that your social relationships will be deeply enriching and inspiring for you ⛲💞

The Two of Cups symbolizes profound, soul-level connections that have the power to uplift and energize you. This would be an excellent year to dedicate more time to social engagements and cherish time with your loved ones.

As the lesser-known card of business dealings and enterprise, this can also be a positive sign if you're considering going into a new career venture or contract with a loved one. There's a sense that these connections will bring about a sense of mutualism and rejuvenation that will be particularly rewarding in the year ahead 😊💫

Discover Fulfillment with The Hanged One's Wisdom

Fulfillment in the coming year lies in the art of contemplation, seeing new perspectives and embracing new experiences. It involves allowing others to fully express themselves while actively listening, engaging in meditative practices, spending quality time in reflection and fostering a deeper connection with yourself.

At the heart of this message is the Hanged One, a card that signifies the power of contemplation and seeing beyond the surface.

In 2024, this archetype hints at a profound connection with your intuition, suggesting you'll find satisfaction by diving into your inner wisdom. As you embrace The Hanged One's influence, anticipate a year of transformative experiences, where contemplation becomes a spark for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment 🐍💭

As you stride into 2024, empower yourself to rise above when any moments of disappointment arise. Stay open to yourself and others and continue showing up with compassion. If you feel you've failed, forgive yourself and try again the next day.

Cultivate generosity, open-heartedness and a spirit of charity with the Six of Pentacles. By extending help and compassion to others, you create a reciprocal flow of energy and contribute to the well-being of your loved ones and community. Regularly express appreciation, prioritize moments of fun, and intentionally celebrate others, making a conscious effort to shift the focus outward 👐🎁

In your journey through 2024, pursue your goals with unwavering commitment, determination and focus. You have a strong and vibrant vision for what you want to achieve, so use your intuition and go for it!

Embrace the challenges as opportunities for growth and let the abundance of your meaningful relationships and spiritual connection guide you toward a year filled with compassion, celebration and the realization of your dreams!! 🥳🙌

Extras for Leo in 2024 ✨♌

Put on some 528 Hz frequency music on low as you sleep, do the dishes, read, or plan your ex's demise. This frequency can promote calmness, balance, sleep and inner peace.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of your career movement with the Retreat for Resilliant Babes activity on my website. Move through an intentional ritual guided to relax your senses and bring a sense of compassion to your life path. When you feel mixed or stirred up, this tapping exercise gently refocuses your energy and calms your body, mind and spirit 🧘‍♀️

Try these affirmations: I am a radiant force, bold and courageous, ready to conquer new heights in 2024. My success is inevitable, and I embrace the challenges that come my way with confidence and determination. I attract meaningful connections and collaborations that amplify my impact and bring joy to my journey. I radiate the essence of leadership, influencing others positively and creating a harmonious and empowered community. The abundance of the universe flows through me, bringing prosperity, wellness, and wealth into every aspect of my life.

Leo 2024 Reading List 📕✨

Have an amazing & expansive 2024! 🦁✨

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