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You Do Not Have to Be Perfect to Receive

Countless times I have thought of a goal or manifestation & immediately held myself back, assigning this to a more evolved version of me, someone who's done more shadow work or practices more discipline.

As a recovering perfectionist, there’s always been an “ideal” version of me living my life side by side,

Throughout the day, I check the space between us like telling time

Sitting across a teeter-totter,

Looking into the eyes of someone you aspire to be but hate

That special, fierce humidity that sticks between you

There is this other, who is receiving, who is always just over there

She’s not the product of any one thing, she probably heard:

Get the annual subscription so you can be your highest self!


Fill in the circle completely so the machine can score you

Just like everyone else;

heard the promise that there is more on this other side of you.

I surrendered all this in prayer tonight.

Rolling through embarrassment, I thought “Of course I should know this”

Reflecting, frantically writing down the notes from my meditation,

I scribbled:

“Affirmation for ‘more than enough’”

A few moments later, it dropped in effortlessly:

“I do not have to be perfect to receive”

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