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When the Universe Says No

What do we do when the universe says no?

The universe has closed so many doors this year I’ve begged to swing open. From job opportunities to houses to vacations to intuitive programs - I asked for signs & got ready to jump in headfirst.

And then …. crickets.

As anyone who asks for signs from the universe knows, not seeing the sign you asked for is just another answer.

I accepted their guidance and closed the doors… but became sooooo frustrated.

If this isn’t right…what is right?

When will the time be right & what do I do in the meantime?

Yet, hidden beneath my search for clarity was ultimately doubt.

I thought I had taken the most magnetic & aligned action by saying no, but my dissatisfaction & confusion kept the doors wedged open.

After months of many no’s, I sat on the back porch of I home I thought would never manifest when an intuitive download dropped in. In one gentle moment, I heard:

“our plan is better”

As humans, we are taught success will come with the right plan. If we work out all the details and crunch the numbers, we’ll get the outcome we want. While planning can be lifesaving, it can also hold us back from some important perspective when the plan goes south.

We convince ourselves this thing will be “it” and assume it’s the best open door.

I remember months after turning down an incredible program opportunity, I asked a dear friend about her experience in the same program. Although she enjoyed it, I began to realize as she spoke the ways it was truly not aligned for my life path. After chatting, I thanked the universe for giving me the solution for the greatest good.

When our expectations fall through, we are invited to take another perspective and see it through trust.

And if that doesn’t resonate with your worldview, optimism.

We may not all agree on how this world may work, but we all want to be happy. & Sometimes a simple change in perspective can just make you a whole lot happier.

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