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We Create the Way It Is

If I am the source of my freedom, I am also the source of my suffering.

This is one of the most confronting yet, liberating perspectives.

I doubt it’s far-reaching to say we desire stability within ourselves, to wake up & find a sense of peace & empowerment despite what’s going on around us. Yet, collectively we may have been feeling life is happening to us - it’s driving the car & we’re strapped in, screaming, going off-road.

We may be feeling disempowered & who could blame us? The circumstances have been extremely trying. But we may have forgotten we are equal creators in our world.


I will point out we do not manifest systemic oppression or economic volatility and therefore, use your discernment to decide which untruths are truly within your individual power to alter.


However, I will claim many, many discomforts are more within our power to change than we fully understand.

Allow a little storytelling to clarify this: In 2020, I launched my business. It’s been absolutely incredible, especially at showing me where I have more potential to grow. I picked up many side hustles along the way as I didn’t want to put pressure on my creation & become resentful in the process.

However, I found myself complaining about lack of support and unreliability with the hustles I chose… yet would carry myself through groundhog days after groundhog days, not even perusing what was available on the job market & going after something more aligned.

In other words, I was maintaining a cycle of my own suffering.

How fucking disempowering is that?

It is essentially a clause of our contract as humans on earth that we will encounter conflict & discomfort. We will sit through traffic, others will be rude & committed to misunderstanding us, weather will herd us indoors & much will not go as planned.

But it’s entirely up to you if that holds power over you.

What a beautiful realization to understand you can manifest absolutely anything you desire


that it begins with taking responsibility for everything you already have created.

Your life is one of your greatest creations, honor it. Honor yourself by taking responsibility as a co-creator & take one step towards unapologetic happiness. I promise you deserve it.

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