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This Month Ahead: March Edition 🕊

February is officially over and if I can be honest?... good riddance. 😂 This triple Taurus is never sentimental about leaving winter behind. My phone screen & vision board has been changed. I've moved on and that's pretty much what March is all about ✨ ⤵️

Before we run off into the spring sunrise, let's make some sense of what February meant for us & celebrate what we just accomplished 🎉

February housed some big milestones - many of us made long-term transitions that altered the very foundation of our lives 🏛 (no big deal, right?).

Far from instant gratification, these changes shifted the absolute baseline of our security. Whether you restructured your finances, purged some serious belongings, or invested in your first crypto project, your results probably won't be felt for quite some time.

But more than that, we've learned that we may actually prefer deep and sustainable to rough and ready.

Is this... growing up?? Are we....old????

Nahhhhh, we've simply learned that some structure actually helps us live more freely and in deeper connection with our lives.

With the influence of the Five of Swords, we should celebrate how we've returned to harmony after some recent fights or disturbances in our relationships this past month. Whether you walked away from a relationship that wasn't serving you or mended things with an open heart, we've all refocused on harmonizing with others in a genuine way.

✨ March will be all about cherishing the present moment, having faith, & remaining optimistic on the path to success ✨

Things Happen Quick When You're Having Fun🤸‍♀️

The theme of March is things happen quickly when you're having fun. The more we focus this month on enjoying the moment and freeing ourselves from things that drain our energy, the more we attract positive energy 🪄

It's a very ~ LOA ~ moment but March is naturally exciting, optimistic, and playful. This will be an exciting time where things change quickly and play, rest, and exploration come to the forefront.

Both literally and symbolically, March signifies a time we all leave our homes and turn our attention outwards. The sun comes out for spring and we enjoy nature as well as the hope & optimism it brings 🌞 You may even be feeling full-on resuscitated from a challenging & dense winter.

As your whole spirit comes to, remember to relinquish control and let life steer every once in a while. March isn't necessarily about pushing through obstacles or focusing on discipline & work but softening into changes and staying flexible & focused on joy & fun.

We should avoid:

🌼 demanding work requests,

🌼taking ourselves too seriously,

🌼 and overcommitting

Be as clear as you can be about your availability & resources and maintain your boundaries so that you can enjoy life & rest 😌

The King of Cups teaches that at the end of the day, we're the best candidate to manage our wellbeing. It's our responsibility to make sure we're taken care of, that we're giving ourselves as much rest and care as possible, and setting the boundaries we need to stay balanced.

It's sooo important to comfort & tend to ourselves as we navigate change. With so many recent transformations, the Devil card reminds us that there's a period of healing where you work through some sticky grey areas and become aware of habits yet still choose them.

The answer is.. well yeah! Of course, we all are sometimes! 😌

It's easier said than done but the most important thing we can do is release the judgments we have of our dark thoughts or habits. We all know that what we push away just amalgamates.

Don’t be too hard on yourself for how you’re navigating through change. Remember that it's action that fuels inspiration so take big, bold steps in the direction you want to go. Mistakes are a guaranteed part of the process. Aim to fail at least 15% of the time and you should be golden 😂

Here are some of the best ways you can spend your energy this month:

Feel free to try out anything that excites you

🕯pull out your monthly calendar and write in some periods for rest & recuperation

🕯adjust your daily rituals to add in time spent outside & in nature 🌿 🌞

🕯take your inner child out on a play date

🕯set up an at-home spa night or sleepover with friends

🕯cleanse the energy in your home spiritually & physically 🧺

🕯create something purely for enjoyment

Lastly, the High Priestess reminds us that having all the answers turns out to be pretty anti-climatic.

We’re not always supposed to know how everything’s going to work out and that's part of the juicy thrill of life. Sometimes all we can do is trust in ourselves & the direction of our lives and take one step at a time into the unknown.

Remember that no matter what you encounter this month, you always have support available. Between your friends, past loved ones, family, and plants, you're never truly alone. If you ever feel hopeless, lost, or left out - challenge yourself to see the perspective that you are always supported, seen, and protected ✨ 🧿

If you'd like to take things deeper, here's a month ahead tarot and oracle spread that you can use to get the specifics on your individual month ahead. Use it for March or every and any month you feel called to ⤵️

Have a beautiful & prosperous month 🌼

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