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Reclaiming the Source Within

A general reading for the collective. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest.

Collectively we are tuning ourselves back into the energy source within us - that which creates, desires, & connects us.

The past few weeks have carried a dense emotional toll & many of us have been seeking comfort & security to cope.

Triggers to our foundational safety have intertwined an energetic narrative that's both deeply cathartic and distressing, recirculating us to witness the most fundamental aspects of ourselves.

It may feel like a strange opportunity but we can submerge into a deeper sense of comfort now by taking some precise action.


Ask yourself today:

What truth of mine needs form?


Don't feel guilty when you feel called to hang up, stand up, quit, or speak your boundary.

The energy that's flowing in is unapologetic.

To some degree, this may feel frightening, as if we are taking a risk. Once we move through the initial discomfort, the risk can be incredibly nourishing.

Essentially, we are welcoming our body to witness how it feels to reclaim ourselves, to integrate & embody the new truths bubbling up within us.

All in beautiful timing as we're transitioning from Pisces - the last sign of the zodiac - to Aries - the very first sign. There's a beautifully symbolic returning to our essence, our inner child, our passions that know no perfection or productivity or purpose outside joy.

Get curious about what's showing up in your life, what's drawing your attention, & moving through you.

Take a moment to reclaim your inner child & right to joy.

The fresh air we've been aching for is on its way through, be ready & curious.

Deck: Threads of Fate Lumen Edition Oracle

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