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New Moon in Libra

Today we have a new moon in the sign of Libra ♎️

Humans, plants, and animals alike have been living by the moon for... forever? From timing new crops to celebrating in spiritual ceremony, the constantly shifting face of the moon affects our moods, energy levels, and personal growth.

New moons are always a time of initiation, goal setting, and new beginnings. Regardless of the sign the moon is moving through, manifestations and renewed intentions are usually on the brain. However, the influence of each sign is felt through which types of new beginnings we are concerned with.

Libra ushers in new ideas for experiencing peace and harmony in everyday life and especially in relationships.

You may be flushed with ideas and visions of how you can strike a better balance - perhaps by letting someone else "win" the argument for once or giving unconditionally a little extra (or little less, depending on your personal needs at this time).

Under the influence of Pluto aspecting this new moon, we'll feel abstract and almost imperceptible shifts within. As Pluto specializes in the hidden, subconscious, "below the surface" wisdom, tag these feelings with a "don't have to fully know to grow" and just keep grooving 🕺

Let the intentions you set free you into greater beauty and joy - Libra knows a truly balanced life allows room for rich, vibrant play and deep, honest commitment.

Here's a new moon spread to hold you through this time. Try it at home if you have a tarot or oracle deck of your own, or book a mini reading with me to cover these topics ✨

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