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New Moon in Aquarius

This upcoming Tuesday, February 1st we have a new moon in the sign of Aquarius ✨♒︎

This lunation may feel especially welcome after our recent sensitive & emotionally dense full moon in Cancer. Instead, this energy is a bit lighter, allowing us to take a break from nurturing our emotional waves and tune into our logical minds instead 🧠

In the airy sign of Aquarius, this new moon brings a time of bright and innovative ideas. Anything we can do to bring new energy into our lives is likely to remedy and clear our minds, freeing us to new ways of thinking. You may have already felt an impulse to manage the energy in your life whether through cleaning out your basement, bringing fresh flowers into your home, or spiritually cleansing your energy. Trust in your intuition in any area that's calling for a little freedom and breath of fresh air.

This new moon also brings a powerful manifesting opportunity 🪄Use the days around the new moon to think about your long-term vision and desires. Making a vision board, writing down some specific long-term goals, or making a money bowl for your altar would pair nicely with this energy.

We may receive many ideas and intuitive downloads about how we can best serve and receive through our communities, friends, and groups 🌚 If you feel called to start a new group activity or participate in groups in a new way, trust that it's a sign from your highest self and go for it.

If you'd like to dance in the new moon energy,

🦚 take the time to cleanse your home and physical spaces

🦚 meditate or journal on your long-term goals and vision for life

🦚 do a detox of your inbox or following list

🦚 make a vision board

Try out this tarot & oracle spread for some deeper perspective about what's coming in for you ✨⤵️ Created uniquely for this new moon, my hope is that it supports you as you move through this time.

Have an energizing and wonderful new moon 🕺 As Aquarius would put it, stay weird out there ✌️

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