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Full Moon in Taurus ☾✨

Early morning this Friday the 19th we have a full moon in Taurus & a partial lunar eclipse.

As with most full moons, we can feel the energy wrapping up around us, coming to a culmination and reaching the end of a cycle. Emotions are typically high during this time, so it's not necessarily the time to make decisions but instead, to sit with all you’re feeling and let life move through you.

While Mars is stationed direct and in a favorable position with Jupiter and Pluto, we may benefit from pulling back even though we have the energy to keep going. Rest is some powerful burnout prevention & Taurus knows it well. This makes the next few days especially a great time for herbal baths, sunbathing, and even a gentle hike.

Taurus also invites us to sink into the human experience - as you go about your daily routines you can ask the depth of this earth sign to take you there.

Invite this grounding energy in as you smell your morning coffee, feel the lathering soap on your skin, or take your daily commute. While we can easily do all this on autopilot, Taurus reminds us that life is comprised of these little opportunities for peace & presence.

This is the first eclipse in a set along the Taurus-Scorpio axis that will be occurring over the next two years. As the first in a series, it can provide the first nudge towards what will be long-term change or creation.

If you have an oracle or tarot deck at home, use this spread to discern what shifts, moments, and messages are waiting uniquely for you ✨

Click here to jam to a full moon playlist. Hope you have a magical & illuminating evening 💫

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