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Full Moon in Aries

On Wednesday October 20th, the moon in Aries reaches complete fullness. Typically a time of culminations, this full moon we may feel ourselves naturally fill with emotions, understanding, and readiness.

Sitting opposite the sun in Libra, this Aries-Libra tug of war symbolizes the polarity between compromise and self-assertion. We may find our personal and work relationships stretched as we explore this axis of “you” and “me”.

It’s likely that in the case of this full moon, areas we are over-giving at the detriment of our own resources (energy, peace, money, time, etc.) get their reckoning.

Contracts and commitments may be calling to be redrawn with a refreshed vision of fairness, one that respects and honors where we are and what we need now.

Under the influence of Pluto stationing direct earlier in the month, anything that’s been hidden, tolerated, or ignored is pulled from the depths.

This may bring up some new feels about some old news.

Perhaps a conversation with a coworker ignites a realization that you’re being underpaid or you fume up doing the regular chores because your normal has been way more than your roommates normal.

In the body, you may feel an electric or hot pulse emanating from your belly, pushing for a discharge to settle all that fire. Some intentional movement, wild raging, exercising or creating may help to release all that pent up energy.

However, the truly best way to settle all this energy will be to claim your space, to say what needs to be said and assert what you need moving forward, no exceptions.

Below, you’ll find a tarot and oracle spread you can use at home to navigate through this time. If you have a deck, asking these questions may just illuminate what’s coming up.

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