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I am so thrilled and humbled to welcome you to my very first blog post!

I’m Leah Burkley - an intuitive tarot reader.

I’m also an advocate, writer, public health nerd, and true Tauran babe. I’m a human being sitting on her back porch cursing at mosquitos. And probably that girl you saw sobbing over a family-sized bucket of onion rings. The truth is, I’m a lot of things and it’ll take a while for us to get to know each other. But I’m stoked to connect and get to know all of you too.

I’m writing this blog to help you get to know me. There is a beautiful collection of tarot readers and intuitives who can offer you incredible guidance on your life path. I will be recommending many of them. But before giving anyone your hard earned cash, you should know you’ll be safely advised through the lens of love, not fear.

Speaking of fear, this seems the perfect moment to take an honest inventory.

The notion that someone else is reading this right now absolutely terrifies me. Of course, it is terrifying. I am someone who has struggled with sharing in the past. Like many, I fear being misinterpreted, unclear, and vulnerable.

There is often an uncomfortable ego dance in sharing with others - we want to be ourselves but feel validated or accomplished. Sometimes I shy away from sharing because I fear my role in this ego dance… almost like the more I try to keep my feet on the ground, the more swept up I get in the rhythm of the performance.

Truthfully, when we are weary of sharing with others we are concerned about our validity. But we mustn't mistake our unique gifts for a small whisper in a hurricane of other people's magic. We are not screaming into the void - this post will one day be read by you. I don’t know how many "you"s there will be or what you will think of what I am saying, but somehow you have found me - a drop in the ocean of the endless talent of the human race. And heck, if you have found me and my speck of the internet and earth, you will be found and you can be seen.

To achieve our highest potential we must move through this fear. Our fear hands us an opportunity to embrace the rejected aspects of ourselves and own and overcome our limitations. That doesn’t mean we don’t feel it. It pulls at our hearts from all directions - leaving us constantly choosing between paralysis and bravery.

It will take some uncomfortable teeter-tottering and pushing through discomfort to build our authentic, blissful success. This is a message for all of us: our gifts are meant to be shared. They are made of the divine energy of the earth, which erupts any stagnation to movement - and that might be scary but deeply healing.

Evolving ourselves can sometimes feel like crazy blind leaps into trust. Like there’s a rocket strapped to you and you're screaming your way through the atmosphere. My hope for this business and blog is to align the trajectory of our rockets towards the transcension of our worth and efficacy.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) with this there will still be the fear. This is why I’ve decided writing this blog is the perfect way to walk through the discomfort of growing together.

As with the nature of the universe, this too is a co-creation where we are all teachers and students. I am no master or expert but a messy human just like you enthralled in this spiritual experience.

We just began, yet we’re reintroducing.

For those of you who may have noticed a few shifts on the website, I’ve decided to change the name from Messy Alchemy Tarot to well, me.

I do love the name Messy Alchemy Tarot. It encompasses an energetic of my being so beautifully - the multi-passionate intuitive that takes risks and makes mistakes. We do love her. But after speaking with an incredible intuitive and friend Tracy Miller this morning, I’m realizing even that is not me.

I’ve said on many occasions we should allow ourselves the grace of being undefined - well, here I was - categorizing myself in three beautiful but cornering terms:

[messy] [alchemist] [tarot reader]

Truthfully, to slap my name on the header on this website sounds incredibly embarrassing. Here I am! Just saying it out loud triggers a little girl in me that wants to hide under her Baby Looney Tunes blanket and never come out.

This fear paraded around in a mask of rationalization - I told myself it would be conceited. I didn’t want it to be about me. But as much as I try to wiggle out of the light, it is not a concept but a being behind the keyboard and the cards. There are so many gifted intuitives out there and when we seek guidance, we seek people.

I have a vision this will one day be greater than those words could summarize. Tarot is beautiful but it is one part of me. I don’t know if I’ll read tarot for clients forever. But I’ll always be intuitive and I’ll always be myself. I want to keep this future open for all of us so we can explore our intuition and earth together.

It’s time for us both to run into the fire of our fears and make big, bold steps into the future we desire. At the foundation of our human spirits lies our innate ability to face challenges and change with fortitude. To share the gifts we have developed in ourselves, we must sustain belief in them and our value.

We will remember that authenticity will shoulder mistakes and messes. And the best way to care for the future of our most cherished dreams is to throw the rule book out the window and lead from our hearts.

Let’s do it together, shall we?

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