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Collective Reading: A Return to Self

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

We are beginning to recover our natural identity, the essence of ourselves that persists beyond the conditions around us.

While redirecting our attention inwards we may feel reconnected to old passions and dreams. You’ll find yourself re-energized for old hobbies & tuned into the natural gifts you’ve always possessed deeply.

Take the time to indulge in these desires and please don’t judge what comes up for you. Catch me in the middle of my Littlest Pet Shop town singing to Avril Lavigne checking on GameCube prices. No shame ;)

Naturally, as we prioritize ourselves, we release the habit of self-sacrifice. This muscle memory of giving our power away returns like a wave rushing onto shore - rhythmic.

You may begin to recognize ways you have given up pieces of who you are to please someone else. Perhaps by burying a genuine interest or trying to fit into another person’s lifestyle.

Releasing these old tendencies redirects the focus to our own pleasure. That encompasses the joy of deep connection, play, & intimacy.

To lean into invitation back to self, recognize what is already thriving within you.

Take a moment to consider the outside entities you let pick away at your power.

What if all the “power” they possess is inconsequential to yours?

When we feel vulnerable, we may give in to other’s desires, cling onto others, & sacrifice parts of ourselves to hold onto a sense of safety. But as we awaken to our true selves we also ground in the knowingness that we are safe in sovereignty. We free fall deeper into who we are.

Urgently the universe invites us to consider this:

Throughout your lives, how often have you looked for opportunities to be kind to others?

Now how often have you looked for opportunities to be kind to yourself?

Take it as an invitation (not that it’s ever necessary) to connect with the infinite power within.

Use the magic of nature to tune into yourself particularly now & ask the universe to allow you to see yourself in the light the universe sees you. Sit with this & open up to your own potential.

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