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A Collective Reading

Perhaps it’s the Gemini full moon today or the auspicious glance into a coming new year that’s making us a bit more reflective than usual. Excited energy accumulates for a brand new year - a familiar representation of new opportunity & that fresh start we all habitually crave. However, unusually mixed within our annual feelings of hope and optimism is weariness. A seasoned hesitancy as we know these new beginnings will unfold within the lingering pandemic environment.

You may be contemplating all you’ve grown through this year, considering the identities that have been challenged and possibly released. The universe has delivered us another paradox - a deeply healing unburdening of our hearts by adding a bit of burden where the release was needed. Areas or certain choices of our lives may have felt heavier, our guides carefully adding weight until we agree to let go.

Particularly these days, you are coming into a greater awareness that we are truly our greatest teacher. Those we aspire and look up to - as Hollywood Undead put it - are truly as fucked up as us.

Jokes and abrasion aside, this angsty band had a point. Although we have learned and expanded immensely through mentors, leaders, and friends, this year has shown us we are the greatest authority on our own happiness.

Spirit encourages us to return to a long term view & readjust our intentions and manifestation lists. Recognize we are seriously different people than the ones who walked into 2020. Your consciousness has been expanded beyond what you previously imagined possible - narratives disrupted of the nature of work, success, and self-care. Many of us have realized alternative paths or strategies better suited for our authenticity to cultivate these new beginnings.

What comes forward through the Queen of Pentacles is a healthier balance, particularly between home and work. You’ve grown to understand when you are in alignment with who you truly are, you ooze divine purpose. Your spirit expands behind you, giving support and kindness freely. When we wake up & “indulge” in 30 minutes of quiet time with movement, gratitude, presence, or whatever lights up your soul, we walk into the day with a different grace that spills unto others.

Now, can you understand why the universe conspires for your bliss and evolvement so intimately?

You are meant to be fulfilled and abundant, whatever that looks like for you. Don’t trip yourself on limiting narratives that we must grind to barely get by, accept mediocrity, or play small to be safe in this world. Although it can be shaky to gain footing while redefining a safe world, it’s unfolding before us with more opportunities every day to step further into ourselves and serve the greatest value from that place.

Dang, I love you all so much. Happy full moon babes, keep keeping it real.

Tarot & Oracle spread to follow if you’re aching to drop in deeper.

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