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2024 Libra Forecast ♎⚖️

As we venture into winter, it's the perfect time to reflect on the year and set new intentions. In this series, we'll dive into each astrology sign with tarot to take a closer look at what the new year may have in store.

You may resonate with this Libra 2024 forecast if you have prominent Libra energy in your birth chart. I recommend reading all the forecasts that correspond with your astrological "Big Three;" your sun, moon and rising sign, and any others you feel called to!

For charming and diplomatic Libra, embark on this new chapter with a sense of purpose, resilience and an openness to the exciting possibilities that await!🌿

Your Theme of 2024 - The Three of Pentacles

Libras, get ready to waltz into 2024 enveloped by the vibrant and collaborative energy of the Three of Pentacles! As a card of skill refinement, achievement and recognition from your peers, your focus just may be on both creative and professional development 🎨👷💼

With the tactile element of the pentacles, this card indicates success in material realms, including money, creativity, education and skill building. The stable energy of the suit of coins could even point to success in hands-on activities, like fixing up an old car, scrapbooking, or making something new with your hands.

The 3 of Pentacles also encourages you to embrace a collaborative mindset and leverage the knowledge and skills of those around you.

Seize the opportunity to join forces with experts and leaders in your field, but also friends and family members! Tell people what you're up to, lean on them for support, and return the positive energy by uplifting their path.

This year, your creativity, experience and charm of collaboration will propel you to new heights!

Wave goodbye to the determined and dynamic energy of The Chariot, which steered you through the challenges and triumphs of 2023. As you gracefully transition into the energy of the Three of Pentacles, you carry along invaluable lessons about your natural energy and how you most effectively channel it 🧿✨

Pssst ~ speaking of understanding our natural ebbs and flows, Human Design can offer incredible (and personalized) insights. Add your birth date, time and location just like an astrology chart to learn more and get your unique energy chart.

The relentless drive of The Chariot has taught you how to navigate obstacles and channel your resilience and determination. These qualities will serve as a strong foundation for the collaborative and creative endeavors that lie ahead in the realm of the 3 of Pentacles.

You're also carrying forward lessons from The Tower, which may have impacted your path this year, disrupting your foundations. Under the influence of this card, the things that aren't meant for you crackle and break. While it can be a jarring experience, The Tower never takes anything that's meant for us, while showing us our remarkable resilience and strength.

Take the time to reflect on the victories and trials of the past year - they've truly shaped your character and refined your approach to challenges. The transition from The Chariot to the Three of Pentacles signifies not just a change in tarot cards but a shift in focus – from individual determination to the power of collective effort 🪙🌼

Now, let's break your year ahead into some major life categories. Keep some of these insights in mind as you plan and set intentions for your 2024 ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Your Spirituality & Faith in 2024 - Queen of Wands

Under the influence of the Queen of Wands, your 2024 is set to be filled with positivity, empowerment and success in spirituality and faith. Infused with passion and confidence, you'll approach your beliefs with a sense of newfound enthusiasm 😻❤️‍🔥

This charismatic energy may lead you to take on a natural leadership role within spiritual communities, inspiring others with your warmth and conviction.

The challenge lies in balancing the Queen of Wands' strong will with your innate desire for harmony. Creativity becomes a significant avenue for you to explore your spirituality, as you channel your energy into artistic expressions that deepen your understanding of faith 🕊️

The Queen of Wands encourages you to take inspired action in your spiritual journey, engage in faith-related activities and initiate meaningful connections, ultimately contributing to a more vibrant and fulfilling spiritual life.

Embrace your role as a creative visionary and share generously with others this year. You have the opportunity to create something meaningful for yourself and your community, so go for it!!

Your Physical Wellness in 2024 - Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles can provide some intuitive insight into how we might approach our physical well-being in 2024. Remember to keep up with your regular health practices and simply use tarot as an additional guide.

You may find yourself juggling various aspects of your physical health, like exercise, a healthy diet, and rest this year. This card encourages you to maintain balance, avoid extremes and find a harmonious approach to your overall well-being 💞

With the adaptable energy of this card, it's an excellent time to try new exercises, explore different workout styles or adjust your regimen to fit changing circumstances 🔁

This year, flexibility is key! Tuning into practices like yoga, pilates and circuit training could help you feel more balanced and fulfilled in your physical well-being.

Plus, the multitasking energy of the Two of Pentacles suggests you could have success blending fitness practices or tuning into those that stimulate multiple senses, like hot yoga or speaking aloud a voice memo while you take a rejuvenating walk 🧘‍♀️😌

Your Career in 2024 - Six of Wands

The Six of Wands marks your career in 2024 with success, passion and recognition. A card of support and acclaim, it signals that you'll be supported by your family, friends and peers this year. Plus, it could even mean you're widening your social circle or audience.

This card often represents leadership and authority, suggesting you could find yourself in a position of influence in 2024. Your ability to guide and inspire others will be a key factor in your career success.

The Six of Wands suggests that you may receive public acknowledgment for your professional contributions. This could manifest as an award, promotion, or positive recognition in your industry or workplace. Did someone say pizza party?

Overall, the Six of Wands foretells a victorious and successful year for your career. Recognition, advancement and a positive professional reputation are on the horizon, making 2024 a rewarding period for your professional growth and achievements 💫

Your Love Life in 2024 - The Sun

Your love life in 2024 is set to be a radiant journey guided by the uplifting energy of The Sun! This optimistic card promises a year of positivity and success in romance 🌞💓

The Sun encourages you to embrace authenticity in your relationships, allowing both you and your partner to shine as your true selves. This card is an embodiment of expression, happiness, and the embodiment of genuine identities. As you tune into your inner self and fearlessly express your true nature, you're bound for harmonious and joyful connections.

The Sun's influence suggests that the more you urge yourself and your partner to lean into and radiate your authenticity, the greater the likelihood of experiencing love's success and the kindling of a romantic flame that burns throughout the year.

Let The Sun illuminate the path to a fulfilling and love-filled 2024! 🌻

Your Relationships in 2024 - King of Pentacles

Prepare for a year of flourishing connections as the King of Pentacles graces your relationships with abundance and generosity! 🌷⛲🌎

Your interactions with friends and family are set to thrive under the influence of this positive energy, fostering a sense of nourishment and mutual well-being.

Ruled by the grounding energy of the pentacles, you can bring stability to your relationships throughout the year. Beyond emotional richness, this card also signals financial success and adept financial management, portraying you as a reliable investor, accountant or entrepreneur.

You could also strengthen your bond with someone who emulates the energy of the King of Pentacles this upcoming year. Keep an eye on Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn signs as they just might play a significant role in blessing various aspects of your life 👀♉♍♑

Strengthening ties with your loved ones and sharing the generous and nourishing energy of the King of Pentacles promises to be a rewarding endeavor in 2024.

Your Fulfillment in 2024 - Seven of Wands

In the upcoming year, the Seven of Wands suggests a profound sense of fulfillment and empowerment. This period encourages you to seize control of your decisions and recognize the power you hold in shaping your destiny 🚀

The Seven of Wands indicates that you'll feel more fulfilled and empowered this year as you take the steering wheel and acknowledge your agency in all things. You could have a natural urge to protect yourself, but it isn't always necessary.

Embrace the exuberant main character energy, but remember to stay open to the words and experiences around you.

The Six of Pentacles invites you to embrace the spirit of reciprocity. As you share your resources, time and love, the Universe responds in kind, illuminating your path with abundance and shared prosperity.

Rounding out this spread is the Three of Swords, a symbol of heartache and healing. Inevitably, life unfolds with moments of pain and sorrow. However, this card reminds you that strength is forged through the mending of wounds.

Embrace the transformative power of resilience, recognizing that healing is an essential part of your journey toward empowerment 🥰💪

So, Libra, as you navigate the ebb and flow of 2024, remember that empowerment is not the absence of challenges but the courage to face and overcome them. Be the benevolent force of the Six of Pentacles, sharing your gifts and receiving blessings in return. Embrace the lessons of the Three of Swords, knowing that healing and growth are intertwined.

May your year be a testament to your strength, resilience, and the unwavering balance that defines you as a beautiful Libra. Here's to an empowered and transformative 2024!

Extras for Libra in 2024 💫♎

Try this 20-minute guided meditation to restore harmony to your inner and outer worlds. Plus, Yoga with Adriene offers all kinds of diverse sessions focused on balance, flexibility and mindfulness, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.

Tune into some high-frequency music to cleanse your energy when you feel stuck or stagnant. You can also open the windows, light some pine, ring a bell - as long as you disrupt and freshen up the energy, even an essential oil spray can truly refresh your senses.

Try these affirmations: I embrace balance in all aspects of my life, creating harmony in work, relationships, and personal well-being. I trust in my creative instincts and allow my unique ideas to flow effortlessly. Success is my natural state, and I welcome the achievements that come my way. My authenticity attracts positive energy and strengthens my connections with others. Life's uncertainties are opportunities for growth, and I embrace them with an open heart and mind.

Libra 2024 Reading List 📕⚖️

Have an amazing 2024!

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