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2024 Aries Forecast ♈🐏

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

As we venture into winter, it's the perfect time to reflect on the year and set new intentions. In this series, we'll dive into each astrology sign with tarot to take a closer look at what the stars may have in store ✨

You may resonate with this Aries 2024 forecast if you have prominent Aries energy in your birth chart. I recommend reading all the forecasts that correspond with your astrological "Big Three;" your sun, moon and rising sign, and any others you feel called to!

For fiery and dynamic Aries, 2024 is defined by bewitched beginnings, passionate energy and channeling that fierce determination toward materializing goals.

Your Theme of 2024 - Embracing Victory with The Chariot

Yielding all the necessary knowledge to embark on a brand new adventure, 2024 is all about letting the leash loose and pursuing your desires with determination and focus. By channeling your willpower into action and seeing it through to the end, you can craft an alchemy that's honestly quite bewitched 💫

That makes 2024 kind of like an open runway 🛫 and with your fiery and active spirit, you may feel like you're sprinting your way toward success.

Between The Chariot & wealth of wands in your 2024 spread, the vibe is movement, passion, energy & freedom to pursue what lights you up.

You're leaving the energy of The Tower behind in 2023, moving from a period of harsh destruction and reconstruction to calm and stability. From the quaking changes you've endured, you learned how to adapt and recover when things don't go as planned.

Plus, you've learned an important lesson that some days you're up, and some days you feel like you are completely losing, and that's all part of a full and healthy life 😊

2024 is more about you than the things happening around you, compelling you with the opportunities & drive to push your goals forward to fruition 💫🌏

This focus on you is divinely timed and provides an incredible chance for growth. When this cosmic nitris appears, it's important to pursue your goals but stay open to those around you.

Sometimes, we can have such a vivacious vision for the future that our pursuit becomes more and more focused, and singular, and we forget to support those around us. Stay tuned into your relationships and give gratitude, affirmation and support often 🙏

Moving into 2024, the next evolution is maintaining a positive outlook despite past difficulties, troubles and disappointments.

With the Ten of Cups, you have rich, wonderful opportunities, relationships & social lives to stay grounded. Plus, there's a sense that, you've lived through it and there's nothing the universe can throw you that you can't handle! Elmo says bring it.

With The Chariot appearing as your yearly theme, consider adding this card to your vision board or new year altar space. It's also a wonderful card to return to throughout the year and journal or meditate on its messages. Print it out, put it on your wall, whatever you'd like!

Note - While The Chariot is about movement in the right direction, it's actually considered a yin-energy dominant card. Like The Magician, there is a sense of receiving knowledge or powers from the Universe, giving this card another layer of meaning.

Now, let's break your year ahead into some major life categories. Keep some of these insights in mind as you plan and set intentions for your 2024 ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Your Spirituality & Faith in 2024 - 7 of Cups

Under the influence of the 7 of Cups, your spiritual connection may feel like it's pulling you in many directions. Understand that with this energy, not every path is what it seems 🔮⛲

Typically with the Seven of Cups, the options may seem appealing, but they are superficial or materialistic. The card suggests that you not choose any of the options ahead of you, and instead, exercise patience and connect with your intuition.

That doesn't mean the options are scary or horrible, (especially as a Minor Arcana card) but you could feel pulled to the more material aspects of spiritual life, like manifesting acclaim or wealth vs. spending time in reflection and meditation 🤑📸🧘

Connecting to your intuition and faith in grounded practices could help you stay focused on your greater wants and needs. Set reminders on your phone to slow down and go outside or simply take a few deep breaths. This mindful approach will not only support your well-being but also foster a deeper connection with your inner self.

Your Physical Wellness in 2024 - Temperance

Now, listen. I am no physician or medical visionary. Keep doing all you're doing and remember to see your doctor! 😤💢

To support your physical wellness, Temperance provides some extra intuitive info. As the card of healing and internal balance, you may find greater harmony this year between your mind, body and spirit. You could even blend practices to support your well-being, like meditating during a yoga flow or taking a mindful walk.

With an energy of cooperation that tempers extremes, consider taking regular, small steps in your health rather than huge, drastic measures ⚖️🕊️

Temperance also reminds us to cleanse our energy field regularly. Smoke cleanse your space with rosemary, lavender or pine, open your windows, visualize a sphere of light clearing your energy, or take a shower and envision any stagnant energy going down the drain.

Lastly, we can't forget the major influence of Temperance on dreams! This could indicate that you'll receive more intuitive information through your dreams and unconscious this year or that focusing on your sleep and dreams could help support your physical health ☁️💤

Your Career in 2024 - Seven of Wands

A card of tenacity, fearlessness and resistance, The Seven of Wands indicates movement and opposition in your career. Having raced to the top of the hill with mismatched shoes, there's not much time to prepare, but you still need to react quickly. This could mean that you'll be pushed to stand up for yourself and what you believe in within your professional life.

Again, as a Minor Arcana card, this isn't an intense make-or-break moment in your professional path. Maybe someone impersonates your account or takes credit for your work.

Consider running through some possibilities and deciding the boundaries for your best self ahead of time. Solidify things like your cancellation policy, social media boundaries, privacy policy, and even how you'll respond to negative comments or copied work.

The Seven of Wands suggests that you stand up for yourself, but stay balanced in your approach. There can be a me vs. them mentality that further divides. As difficult as it can be at times, practice forgiveness as you speak your truth compassionately ❤️‍🔥

Your Love Life in 2024 - Sharing Prosperity with the Six of Pentacles

This year is about learning to give what you'd like to receive in relationships. And, even taking that a step further and learning to enjoy giving for the sake of generosity, compassion, community and kindness alone.

This is especially prevalent in love relationships, where your connection will truly blossom the more you nurture it. Whether you're trying to woo your partner or shower yourself with some affection, picking up some flowers or setting up a nice cozy nest can go LITERALLY EONS in comfort and intimacy. Take it from your favorite Taurus 😉

While you're setting your goals for 2024, line up some plans to truly cherish your crush or loved one in a special way. Showing up for them will light them up and you'll experience the charm of Six of Pentacles reciprocity 🌼💖

Your Relationships in 2024 - Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups offers a stable mood within friend and family relationships. With so much movement in other areas of life, you'll be riding the kiddy pool waves here 🌊😮‍💨

The Nine of Cups is considered the wish card, indicating that everything will work out in your favor. This is a sign of success and reaching a point of comfort and luxury.

However, there may be some degree of keeping things surface-level to keep the peace. It sounds bad, but honestly, a Thanksgiving without someone almost stabbing the other with a fork would be a nice break for us all.

Enjoy the comfort of the Nine of Cups this year and allow the natural fulfillment, creativity and intuitive energy to flow into your relationships.

Your Fulfillment in 2024 - Two of Cups

The Two of Cups adds an extra sparkle of luck and fulfillment with love and relationships. As the card of friendship, attraction, chemistry and romance, 2024 could be a blessed year to further your connection with a partner or find that soul-level connection.

You can also find more fulfillment and opportunities by being cooperative, creating alliances and partnerships, and focusing on harmony and balance.

Not every bridge is worth burning, and while we love your spirit to set things aflame, set your love life on flame and enjoy the passionate year ❤️‍🔥🙈

Give yourself time to respond and, if you think there's been a miscommunication, be the one to extend your positive energy first to clear things up.

The Ace of Wands and Five of Wands provide some extra insight on the bottom of the deck. Plus, they totally superload this reading with wands (the active element that represents fire). It sort of means that you'll be feeling supercharged, like the universe is at your helm and there are truly no limitations 🌌🪄

Stay focused on that potential and look for positive outcomes in any instances of conflict or disagreement. Imagine the opportunities that could come through conflict, and how much more powerful an interaction can be when sometimes you give someone the benefit of the doubt or admit your mistakes and have a constructive conversation.

2024 is all about your movement towards success. Stay focused on your personal goals and know that you are divinely supported and guided. This will truly be a lucky and active year for you, so enjoy it and remember to nurture your relationships along the way!

Thanks so much for tuning in! Are you excited for 2024?!?

Extras for Aries in 2024 💫♈

Tune into some high-frequency music to cleanse your energy when you feel stuck or stagnant. You can also open the windows, light some pine, ring a bell - as long as you disrupt and freshen up the energy, even an essential oil spray can truly refresh your senses.

Try this heart-opening guided meditation that incorporates all the active components a fiery Aries may need.

Plus, this morning meditation guided by Louise Hay is perfect for folks with prominent Aries placements. As someone with a feisty Aries moon, her style of leading with lots of prompting & affirmations helps me (and maybe you, sweet Aries) stay focused!

Try these affirmations: I am allowed to spend time on things that produce nothing but my own joy. I am not a failure for needing help surviving in a society that makes it nearly impossible to survive and succeed on one's own. The entire Universe is conspiring in my favor. My life is full of potential. I appreciate the opportunities and loving, supportive relationships that I've been given. I trust that I am on the right path.

Aries 2024 Reading List 📕✨🐏

Have an amazing & powerful 2024!

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