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The Tarot Spread Library

A collection of all the tarot spreads I've created thus far. 

This list is growing every day, scroll down to see which ones you could use to support you and your healing journey!

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Morning Check-In

This tarot and oracle spread is designed to support your mindset and focus in the morning. Perfect to pair with your existing morning ritual! Tune in at the start of your day to get the most out of this spread. 

Reconnect to your Power

Use this spread anytime you'd like to reconnect to your innate power. This can be particularly useful if you're feeling overwhelmed by life circumstances or managing your relationships. 

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Inner Child 

Connect with your inner child through this tarot and oracle spread. Use it at home to gain insight on how you can nurture your inner child and give yourself the life your little one inside always dreamed of. 


Check in here to see where you can channel your confidence & claim your space, time, and needs. Use this spread anytime you notice people-pleasing tendencies or behaviors emerge & you'd like to take a moment and step back and honor yourself. 

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Connect with Your Ancestors 

A popular spread for Samhain, Día de los Muertos, or any time you wish to connect with your ancestral lineage. Click the image to see what your ancestors are waiting to tell you! 

Moon Spreads

Full Moon in Aries

Use this tarot & oracle spread at home to navigate through this Aries Full Moon. If you have a deck, asking these questions may just illuminate what’s coming up.


Full Moon in Taurus

Sink into this Taurus Full Moon with a tarot & oracle spread. Yes, you can use any kind of deck! See what shifts, moments, and messages are waiting uniquely for you ✨

New Moon in Libra 

Find a little extra peace and harmony this Libra New Moon with this tarot & oracle spread. 


New Moon in Sagittarius

Tap into this big cosmic energy during this new moon + eclipse by channeling your own tarot or oracle reading. 


New Moon in Scorpio

Ready to transform your relationship to healing? New moon or not, use this spread to see where you can break free, dive in & come out stronger. 


Full Moon in Pisces

Tune into the highest vibration of Pisces during this upcoming Full Moon. Use this spread at home if you have a deck of your own! 

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