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mini boundary workshop for sensitive folks

​This free mini-workshop will provide a space for you to explore your emotions, boundaries, and needs. By grounding your nervous system and gently exploring the root of your discomfort, you can architect the boundaries best suited for where you stand today. 

Light and Shadow
Light and Shadow
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In this mini-workshop, you'll

receive tools that can support you in getting clear on your own values, emotions, and boundaries. You'll ground your nervous system through your senses and practice designing a space that makes you feel relaxed and safe so that you can be free to do the deeper work. You'll have the opportunity to journal, reflect, and go as deep as you desire. With extra tools and resources included, you can choose what experience will best support you. 

"I can't give you a surefire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time."

- Herbert Bayard Swope

This workshop may be for you if

✨  you want to honor your own boundaries but aren't sure where to start

✨  you want to make a decision in alignment with your best and highest good

✨  a recent experience made you feel frustrated, betrayed, or bitter

✨  you want to practice recognizing and speaking your own needs ​

✨  ​you want to feel more at peace with your environment

Sounds great! Where can I signup?

​There's no sign-up necessary!

You can start now by scrolling below ✨

workshop begn

​Step One: Create your space

​Whether you simply grab your headphones or your favorite pillow, you are already taking a step to prepare your space. So while you gather your things, indulge a little extra and grab a candle, blanket, or special drink to keep you company.


In my early practice, I would find myself rushing into spiritual practices, feeling anxious, and fighting to relax my nervous system. But when I took the time to settle myself first and create space to feel pampered, safe, and relaxed, I was able to offer myself a deeper experience. 

I'd like to challenge you to draw out this step for as long as you can. Put on some calming music and choose something to engage each of your senses. Essential oils, incense, crystals, and snacks make excellent additions. Lastly, get your favorite journal and writing tool. Truly take your take before moving on to the next step. 

​Step Two: Journal

Once you feel like you've relaxed into your space, grab your journal and get ready to write. I recommend the philosophy of stream of consciousness writing: don't edit, second guess, or judge - just write. Let out everything that comes to mind and write until each answer feels complete. 

I want you to think back to the moment you realized a boundary had potentially been crossed. How did you feel in your body? What was going through your mind? 

If you could boil down all the emotions you felt in this moment to one, what would it be?


Now send loving energy back to yourself by imagining you or a trusted friend watching over this memory with loving support. 

What could this emotion be trying to communicate? 

How can you honor the way you feel right now? Even if it doesn't make logical sense, write everything that comes to mind.

If your most trusted friend was here, what would they tell you?

What boundary would feel the best for what you feel and need today? 

Bonus: Pull some cards ✨

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You can use divination or many other tools for extra support. The following questions pair well with tarot & oracle cards, but you may also feel called to ask your own specific questions or use other forms of divination. Take the path that feels best to you.  


Cleanse your deck using your favorite method. Then shuffle and draw four cards. You can use the spread above to answer the coordinating questions or ask anything you'd like further clarity on. Learn more about tarot on the blog or book a private reading

Take a moment to thank yourself for truly nurturing your own emotions and growth. You chose to honor yourself, invest time in yourself, and prioritize your wellbeing. That's not your average put-put strategy. That takes bravery and heart and that's not something to brush over. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being comitted to yourself. 

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